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The Art of Black Cat


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Hi everyone!! How are you doing?
Well I was reading some post here, and after seeing some fabulous works, it encouraged me to show some of my artworks, so I decided to create this thread...

Well, as I dun have any scanner and drawing is one of my fav hobbies, I had to go and use the old MS Paint!!
So, apart of some drawings I have in my desk (that I would like to scan and show you), I got some drawings made in MSP as well.

As an introduction to my style, I would say I like to draw people, I like to catch the expressions a face can give. I also draw manga, but lately I have been focusing in drawing actual ppl.

This is one of my works...
Description: This is a girl with latin-american features. I focused in strengthing this features in her face and the part of her body showed as well. About the background, well I just drew something abstract with colors that go well with the character...

Description: This girl has some hawaiian features. It took me a while to get the correct shades for the face...kinda difficult!! But managed!!

Description: This was one of my 1st works, its a caucasian teen. I put her dark clothes in order to contrast with her white skin.

Well, for the eskeptical ones:
-I didnt use any board
-I just used the mouse...

Now, this is some of my drawings:

Description: This one is a drawing I made of one of my friends pic, dont think bad, she was wearing a swimsuit, but the paper was not enough to draw the full picture, sorry. She asked me to draw that picture and BTW, she also gave me permission to share this pic to u.

Description:This a drawing I made in my free time. Actually, I not very good at creating clothes, so I left it like that. It took me a while to get that expression on her face, since I had no picture to guide me, just my imagination.

Hope you like it!!

Observations? Constructive critics? Share your opinions plz...
I will be posting more of my works later...
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yellow 4!
That's awesome! Especially to say that it's on good old paint. I love the shading. Show more! :)


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Holy shit, you did that in Paint? That is amazing. I'd love to see what you can do in photoshop or something like that. And I really want to see your drawings too. Do you have a camera, even on your phone or something? I don't have a scanner either, I just take pictures of my work.


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Ohmigosh that is great! When I first looked, I was impressed but was thinking you drew it, with colored pencil or something. You are very creative, very good :)


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Gallery Updated!!
Waiting for your comments!! ;)


yellow 4!
ahh that one is amazing too, I love the way you've done the hair. Only thing I'd say to improve it is maybe more depth to the flower, looks kind of flat on her hair. But that's just me being super picky :D great job!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Incredible work, Cat!

I look forward to seeing more. I really like the Earth tones in the first picture.


Creeping On You
With Mspaint? That's pretty incredible work. I'm glad you decided to share with us. Keep up the good work. (Also, I agree with Bex, the flower in the second pic seems a bit flat and odd)