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TV The Apprentice


aka ginger warlock
Those in the UK & the US will likely have seen adverts for this and possibly have watched it but for those who haven’t the basic premise is this:

Twenty people are given the chance to work with Alan Sugar (in the UK) and I believe in the US with Donald Trump, each episode they are asked to take part in challenges to determine if they are good enough to work for them and if they are not good enough they are fired.

The new show in the UK has either started or about to start and despite not watching it it really annoys me.

I am not sure if the crap they spout on TV is how they really feel or if it is for effect but if I met one of these people and they spoke to me in that way I would want to attack them for being so fair up their own arse.


Babeasaurus Sex
As a woman in business (and because I have a mild awe for Sir Sugar) I love the apprentice.

I love watching people tackle problems. I love that awful awkwardness when they know they've messed up and most of all I love working out how I would have done it differently.

These people are considered the elite. They are the best in the country at what they do and I ALWAYS end up facepalming because despite several series they still don't understand that ultimately - it's about teamwork.

Love the show.


Sally Twit
I can't get in to it. I loved the Junior show they did, though. It was different and I was amazed at how many smart kids there are in the UK. I hope they do another series of that one.