The Apocalypse

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    Before I begin, I have to say, I don't know where this would fit, so I'm just going to put it here. Move it if you deem necessary. Secondly, I have to admit, that I'm going to be posting from the site I'm not trying to promote it in any way other than as a reference. I highly recommend that you read the site, however.

    Even the site itself isn't trying to promote anything except knowledge of how to prevent the downfall and eventual destruction of Earth. You can dismiss this guy as a quack all you want, but he's been more accurate in his predictions than Nostradamus.

    This is a translation of what the alien Ptaah had said in '91. And it's so true. The truth is, most times, not what we want to hear. Just because something sounds nice, that doesn't mean it's the truth or even what's best for us as a whole. We leave all the people that are smooth talkers in power, and what's that get us? Someone that can talk, to be in power. Not at all what we need. Greed and power corrupt those people, if they weren't corrupt to begin with. And when they have the power, they do whatever they want. And it's destroying the Earth and it's going to kill all of us.

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    I have to admit that a few seconds after I clicked on his site, I know it's someone I wouldn't take seriously. I mean, even his contact paragraph doesn't help:

    What made you discover him? What else did you find fascinating about his writings?
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    "Truth" is for pussies who are too weak to deal with contradicting information, controversy and uncertainty. :cool:
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    What's so hard to believe about his life? Have you read anything else or was that just it? If going to be so close minded, maybe you should click on the links that are in the paragraph you provided. Or do some more homework on it.

    And I stumbled across this the same way that you stumble across anything online. By chance.

    Basically, the Pleiades were the aliens that were also our "guardian angels" and they were helping to hide information. Personally, I believe that it's because Jmmanuel (Jesus) was an alien like the Pleiades.

    It's also curious to note that native americans didn't grow out their beards and that the stone tablet was found in a cave in Michigan.

    I'm probably not coming across very well, but if I were to quote all the information that I thought was pertinent, I'd have nothing but post after post of nothing but quotes.

    "So, while this is really only the tip of the iceberg, it should be enough to help you to decide if the Billy Meier UFO contacts are the biggest, most impenetrable hoax or – the most important story in all of human history." I believe it's real. I think that ruling it out because it deals with aliens is a pathetic excuse to discredit the information.
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    Haha, not like that at all. I don't even know about his life to make a call whether to believe it or not. It's just funny the way it was presented because he was compared to fictional characters like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones. These are the things that stand out especially for readers who don't have the time to read everything on his site and want to make a quick impression of him. That's what I did and that's why I asked you specifically what made you interested in him so I know where to start looking when I find time to read more. I'm certainly not ruling it out because aliens were mentioned. I'm one of those people who actually believe they exist. :D
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    Oh, my bad. I think I read your post the wrong way. I've been telling people about this in my daily life and everyone I talk to thinks I'm crazy. I'm just a bit defensive recently. :p
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    I would say that the earth will be hit by a meteor (specifically the ocean will be hit) which will wipe out a third of mankind. The effects of the meteor will cause the entire atmosphere to become darker, and rain will become much more acidic. After this, scorpion-like locusts will emerge from the impact site and sting men for five months, torturing them, but the men will not die from the stings. The meteor will also cause great earthquakes and storms.
    Two men will rise to power and have seemingly divine authority. Mankind will worship these men.
    The sun will then undergo a helium flash. This is when hydrogen runs out and the sun begins to collapse on itself, and then the pressure becomes so great that helium fusion begins. This will cause the sun to become extremely hot for a brief while, and it will cause great sores on men who are in direct sunlight for only a short time.
    Stuff happens after that. The End.

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