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The Animal Giraffe 2013


Registered Member
Okay - This is the Giraffe:

1. No extinct animals (No Mammoths, 'Wooly' :D ), microorganisms or human beings in the giraffe

2. You can have any species you can think of, but you need to be specific - having just 'snake' won't do, similarly having just dog won't, you need to choose their specific breed species etc.
Like I mentioned you could technically end up with a list of just dogs or snakes if you actually wanted to and you think that would win it for you.

3. You can have any type of living creature apart from those mentioned above, be it insects, marine life, reptiles, birds or whatever

4. The giraffe is snake style

4. Please post a picture of the animal that you've chosen and tell us why you think it's awesome - If you wanna go to town on the reason, please put it in a spoiler, otherwise it's not necessary - please include info such as what sort of animal it is (Bird, Reptile etc) and perhaps where in the world it is found

5. Please make sure you PM the person whose go it is after you, when it is their turn, ideally straight after you've had your go.

6. Please take your go within 24 hours after the person before you has had their go, basically when you receive your PM to go, you've got a day to make your choice and post it here. However, this is flexible as agreed, but please don't take weeks choosing-

7. Any problems you can PM if you like and I'll help how I can :)

That's it - Have a ball -
Courtesy of Random.Org this is the order of play -

List Randomizer
There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Miliz
2. Amy
3. Crouton
4. dDave
5. HalfEatenSurprise
6. DaStevez
7. Wooly
8. Idisrsly

Timestamp: 2013-08-13 16:52:52 UTC

I've PMed Miliz - It's on.
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I find the rules to be very agreeable.

I also think it's nice that for once we have a draft where you don't have to use spoilers to put your answer.

I'd like to propose that we use the following to state general information about our animals.

Animal (the animal you've chosen)
Type of Animal (ie amphibian, mammal, reptile, etc.)
Location (general location there the animal is found)


Sally Twit
I'd rather not follow a set of guidelines for this draft if it's all the same. I think so long as we give a reason and a picture it's all good.
What I find refreshing about this is that it's a silly one.


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I'd rather not follow a set of guidelines for this draft if it's all the same. I think so long as we give a reason and a picture it's all good.
What I find refreshing about this is that it's a silly one.
Well I'm not in charge of this draft so I can't make a rule like that. ;)

It's actually general information that I'd be interested to know though, I was merely making a suggestion.

If you can't name your animal, say what type it is, and where it's found, you probably shouldn't be picking it anyway :lol:


I'm serious
I agree this one is more relaxed than some previous ones, but there might be some weird animals that come up that people might not even know anything about, so it would be nice to have some info on them. :-/


I'm serious
Middle ground?? If it's something you think is obvious and everyone will know what kind of animal it is, no need for info. If it's something bizarre or uncommon, share info, if you want??


Registered Member
No problems with how you choose to present your picks in general, so long as the bones of the information is there, a picture and why you picked what you picked - I encourage repping those that present their picks in a nice or cool format -
Also, as for the time frame that's no major problem either, there's no rush -
I was just going along with the general rules that giraffes go by, but this is very much a laid back giraffe -

This should be fun... but please use the word 'giraffe' - Ha -


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Oh cool, I am first. I have a few top animals but my choice is actually pretty easy. I am not picking these animals in order to garner votes and win but more importantly just get the ones I like the most haha

So first pick is...


I don't know if I need to specific a certain type of penguin but here is a picture of the one I like the most...

The penguin has been my favorite animal for as far as I can remember. They look cool and I loved the Bud Ice penguin commercials back in the 1990s. Whenever I go to the Zoo I am most excited to see these guys.