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The American Education System


needs practice
I'm sorry to exclude our Canadian, Australian and other non-American members, please feel free to chime in with your opinion especially since it provides another great perspective that many people in the States do not know about.

What does everyone think about the state of the American educational system (or any form of higher education in the world)?? Does anyone think it's losing its usefulness especially in some degrees like Fine Arts, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Education and even Marketing?

I know too, too, many recent college graduates who come out of college and can't find a salaried, career oriented job they dreamed of as kids that were literally PROMISED to us from our public school system in the 90s. I have good friends who still haven't found a supportable income for themselves and live at home with their parents well into their mid 20s.

I myself was unhappy with my undergraduate degree from a selective University, and went back to night school for my master's in technology to obtain a higher paying, corporate career job.

Some state school tuition has doubled since I started undergrad as a freshman for the recent 2013 recent graduates, and the price of textbooks has been skyrocketing while being almost unsaleable after one semester because of publisher's insistence of new editions.

The economy has not recovered, more recent graduates are completely underemployed, and its still a concerning workforce to look forward to in my opinion for young students. Plus, isn't the statistic like almost 50% of teenagers can't find a part time job?

Is anyone optimistic about the education system, or is it really becoming "overrated?"


Free Spirit
Staff member
I wouldn't say some of those degrees are absolutely useless the problem is there are too many people that hold those degrees and too few jobs in them. Before you spend your hard earned money on seeking a degree better make sure there is employment in that field and the salary will be worth the debt.