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The Amazing Intelligence of Crows


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Creeping On You
That, is very cool. Living in a rural environment growing up, I saw my fair share of crows. Yes, they are very intelligent. There wasn't a bird feeder we could make that the crows didn't figure out how to exploit and get all the seed at once. They seemed to learn that getting into the feeder wasn't the key. Making it drop to the ground and burst open was the key. So we had to stop hanging feeders, and start screwing them to trees.


Eye see what you did ther
Damn, my respect for crows just increased a lot. The term bird-brain loses its meaning here.


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I have been wanting to post about this for the past couple of days, but got preoccupied...yes, I thought this video was quite interesting.
Made me think of crows in a different light...I used to just associate them with death.....good thread~


Eye see what you did ther
wow... they can actually understand the green walking signals and the cross walk. Simple amazing.
I don't think they understand the signals. I just feel that they move when the traffic doesn't.


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I've always had a fondness for crows which doesn't often sit well with people (and no, I'm not obsessed with the macabre). Their feathers have that beautiful oil-spill quality to them and there brown eyes look so wise. When I watch them move about and pin down food as they tear it with their beaks I see them for the raptors they are. Fantastic animals.


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Both videos are very interesting to me. I think it has explained a mystery where it is I live. It is horse farm, and has many cats that live in and around the stables. This past summer/fall we would notice 1 cat of maybe 6 here would always be attacked by crows, yet the crows never attacked any other cats that we saw. So now I am thinking maybe this cat caught or hurt a crow and this made the others attack only him. Amazing to me how smart they seem!


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Man, that was awesome, its kinda funny seeing this tiny animals acting like this, but thinking how they learn or what crosses their minds when doing those things makes it a very interesting thread.

God you impress me every day...