The All-Knowing Nos Answers Your Questions About Animals


Undead Intellectual
Go ahead. Myself, having no life, spend many hours of my day watching, reading and learning about animals. I would consider myself a young guru. Ask me anything you don't know, want to know, or need to know. You can even ask questions about your pets (care, info etc). I will answer all questions to the limits of my power and knowledge.


rainbow 11!
What you gave isn't a food web. lol I gave an example. She just puts animals that fall into the producer/consumer for the environment she is doing.

Example: Grass:worm:bird:snake:hawk (This is something I kind of did from memory. Might not be accurate.)


rainbow 11!
*Nods.* I was right.

Just take animals from that environment and fill the web in. Like a plant for the consumer and then something that eats the plant, and then something that eats the thing that east the plant. Plus the scavenger.