The Age-Old, "Revolvers vs Semi-Auto" Debate


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I am really rather surprised that this thread has not yet come up (to the best of my knowledge and searching-abilities), seeing as how there are a good handful of firearm “enthusiasts” on this forum.

I know there is probably no perfect answer to this question--as its nature is subject to the diversity of individuals' situations--but I want to hear your arguments anyway.

Which has the upper hand / which do you prefer in a concealed-carry defensive situation on an everyday basis—a revolver or a semi-auto? And why?

(I hope this fits under “everyday life” since I am talking about carrying a pistol daily)

P.S. If Pro2A’s ‘spider sense’ doesn’t tingle him into answering this thread within 24 hours, I think we can assume that he is either dead or unconscious.:lol:


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Lol... I no longer have any revolvers. All mine are semi-auto. I prefer them due to less trigger pull... that is just me tho.


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Well, it depends on one of two things the shooter wants: stopping power or concealability.

Revolvers will always offer more power. Some self defense revolvers can chamber rounds as powerful as the .357 Magnum, but those tend to be large, and ones targeted at concealed carry hold only 5 rounds. On the other hand, you have the rather power .327 Federal magnum, which is almost as powerful as the .357, but even in concealed carry guns can hold 6 rounds. A well built revolver will also be either just as, or more accurate than an autoloader, and will be much more accurate if the revolver is used in single action. Most revolvers will also always be more reliable. But, revolvers tend to be bulkier, heavier (though some may weigh as little as 15oz (google the Smith and Wesson 632)), and less controllable.

Semi autos are generally more accurate, hold more rounds, are lighter, and faster firing. But these come at the loss of power. Most guns specifically targeted at concealed carry come either as .380 APC, or 9mm Parabellum, both on the weak end of the firearm scale. However, these rounds are more controllable than a revolver, allowing for quick follow shots. And in ultra compact handguns (like the Magnum Research Micro Eagle (google that one too)), they only hold a couple more rounds than a revolver, but aren't nearly as powerful. But the Micro Eagle is extremely small.

So, the difference is what you think you would need. Power, or concealability. If I where one to carry, I would prefer power, and thus revolvers.

Edit: I completely forgot about one gun that is a great niche gun that can fill the role of high power, moderate capacity, and good concealability. It is the Glocks 32 and 33. It is chambered in .357 Sig, a .40 S&W cartridge necked down to a 9mm, so it is very compact being an automatic. The sub compact holds 13 rounds, the compact holds 9 rounds. It is just as powerful as a .357 Magnum, so it will kick like a mule. It is a well rounded niche gun. I would suggest it to anyone.
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Hell, It's about time!
You forgot one... The Glock 36. I have one and carry it when my 1911 needs a day off. It is small, compact and chambers a .45 ACP

I wouldn't stand in front of it.



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I prefer a semi-auto simply for the fact it can be reloaded quickly. Now days you can get sub-compacts from a variety of manufacturers in .40 & .45. I carry a 9mm Kahr PM9094N and I'm very happy with it. However there is so much about personal preference when it comes to a handgun. My advice is to go see and handle a bunch and start with the ones that feel comfortable in your hand. I'm also a believer in buying the best quality you can afford.

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