The Age Old Debate!

Choose your grilling weapon!

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Its time, I feel, for a classic debate.

What do you perfer to grill with, Charcol or Gas?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm use to Charcol so I voted for that option, and it's less expensive then grilling with gas, but I have grilled with gas before and I like it. Personally I don't find a big difference between the two of them, but I have to go with charcole.


I went with Charcol since I bought a charcol grill 2 weeks ago (my first grill, it feels like a milestone or something), but I kind of like that smokey taste, I don't get that with gas.

But I can't afford a gas grill, another reason I choose charcol.


A Darker Knight
charcoal. Gas always makes my parents (my mom especially) anxious because she thinks someone will forget to turn it off and everyone will burn when we light the grill.
I voted for Charcol but I'm definatly a fan of wood chips or something along that lines, if you want a smoked taste, now thats good! I really am not a fan (at all) of gas, so charcol definatly wins out.

The onloy advantage with gas is it cooks a lot more balanced, and it's an easy way to make sure you're stuff is cooked completely, but any half-assed griller can cook with charcol, and not get sick.
Open fire .. none of this store bought crap .. different woods yield different testes .. I prefer to burn good & dead oak if its available ..


For a Free Scotland
Charcoal assuming it's a good cook. However, gas is a lot easier to get a good result with if you're a lousy griller and meat preparer (such as I).

Most of my meat is either charbroiled or cooked on a Foreman grill (chintzy I know, but it's a good grill and cooks laser fast).