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The 2 minute troopergate summary


not a plastic bag
Everyone talks about troopergate with Palin and so I thought I would run through a brief explanation of what has gone on.

There were 2 things going on that have been intertwined into the trooper story. The media only focuses on what I call stream 1, but you will see stream 2 is the heart of the matter.

Stream 1:
Palin's sister was going through an ugly divorce to a trooper that was a bad dude. Some things her ex-brother in law did or is accused of doing. (some have been proved in court)
-shot moose illegally
-threatened to kill Palin's dad
-drinking on job in car
-tasered 10 yr old son son

Palin approached the head of the Public Safety with her view that there should be better punishment for rouge troopers like this. The response was, they are in the union and gotta follow union rules, etc..

Stream 2:
When Palin entered office she told every cabinet member that their job was to cut spending wherever they could. Giving raises was fine, but money must be cut wherever it could.
The head of the Public Safety not only did not cut spending, he attempted to fly to Washington DC to get earmarks for the department. These 2 items were direct insubordination of Palin's orders as the Executive leader.
He was fired for this insubordination and Palin has released the documentation to prove it:
Palin accuses Monegan of insubordination: Walt Monegan firing | adn.com

Why is this important?

#1 - It shows Palin is who she says she is. She became the governor of the wealthiest State in the Union and from day one her orders were to cut spending and don't take federal dollars.
#2 - It shows Palin's ethics. She's a woman in great power that could have done something to protect her sister, but did not skirt the law at all. Proof? The trooper is still employed. Would you have done that if you had that much power but no direct authority to remove the guy?
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