The 1993 torture / murder of little James Bulger

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    Just recently one of the 2 boys (J. Venables & R. Thompson, both aged 10) who were found guilty of torturing and murdering James Bulger (age 2+) back in 1993 has been returned to prison for an unspecified violation...

    The murder case with a bit of information regarding J. Venables return to prison:

    Murder of James Bulger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    How would you feel if you were the parents of James Bulger?
    ...I feel all they've received was a slap in the face to be perfectly honest with you.

    Do you feel those boys deserved a longer sentence then what they received?
    ...I feel they both deserved life in prision.
    Because they planned on deliberately hurting someone that day.

    Those who have no sense of morality will always be a threat to society.
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  2. idisrsly

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    I am familiar with this story. I think they were released over the period I lived in the UK. I was asked to sign that petition for them to be kept inprisoned. I did not sign that petition and I still feel very strongly about this.

    Was what these two young boys did a horrible and violent act worthy of a sentence? Absolutely. But lets not forget that they were 10 years old. Not to say that every 10 year old has murderous intentions, but they were 10 and 10 year olds are naughty. I belief it was their intention to take a child (bulies) and harm this child. But I am not convinced that it was tehir intention to kill this poor 3 year old. I think they screwed up and realised it and tried to hide their deeds, and in their mind, the best way to hide this was to kill him and put him on the rail tracks. Horrific.

    But that aside. I strongly feel that they should have been reabilitated. They did not receive a fair trial, they did not receive a fair sentence (They should rather have been sentenced for longer, but reabilitated while sentenced).

    That said, if they do have these same tendencies now that they are adults, they deserve life in prison. I am only saying that they were 10 years old. What about their parents responsibilities. What about society's responsibility?

    You ask how I would feel if I was James Bulger's mother? I ask you now, how would you feel if you were Venables or Thompsons mother?
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    Good question and I will answer that at the end of my post.

    There's a big difference between being a typical, "naughty" 10 year old child and a not-so-typical "naughty" 10 year old child.
    ...At 10 years old boys and girls know the difference between right and wrong (unless of course they are mentally challenged). At 10 years old boys and girls know it's wrong to hurt someone. Venables & Thompson knew it was wrong to hurt someone yet they had every intention of hurting someone that day and for that I show very little compassion for them apart from feeling sympathy and empathy for them having to be raised in a household of abuse and neglect. They are responsible for their actions and their parents are responsible indirectly. And yes, I'm all for rehabilitation while serving time but not all idividuals are / can be rehabilitated and I'm sure any person with a brain saw the warning signs that Venables was going to be a problem at some point... It was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, "The System" fails us more times than it needs to and that's a frightening thought.

    Now, to answer your question by placing myself in the shoes of one of the boys mothers...
    ...I won't lie, I'd be absoultely, positively devastated but then again I care and look after my child, the parents of Venables & Thompson, however, did not. I would also feel responsible for my child's actions and the death of that little boy- more than likely until the day I die. With that said, I know myself and I know that I would show him / her "tough love" and tell him / her, "Look, as much as I love you, you're going to have to have to pay the consequences of your poor judgement / actions of torturing and killing that innocent child. End of story".
    ...Yes, I would go and visit my child, yes I would press "The System" to rehabilitate him, send care packages, hug and kiss my child and tell him /her that I loved him more than anything in this world every single time I saw him /her but I'll tell you something I would not do, I would not agree to / consent a release if he / she were not ready or if I felt he / she was still a threat to society. I would fight to keep him / her in. Mark my words.
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    Although I do agree that it's clearly not 'normal' 10 year old behaviour to do what they did, I do not agree that they could possibly comprehend the full after effects of their actions. There is a difference between knowing right from wrong and comprehending the consequences of your actions. I think they knew what they did was wrong before they did it. But I cannot believe that they fully grasped the severity of the matter. Could they possibly grasp the finality of their actions and the consequences thereof? If the answer to this is yes, then one would be forgiven to think that they should have been clever enough to not get caught so easily, as they would have understood that their actions would lead to a lifetime of excommunication and hatred towards them and their families for the rest of their lives! Do you think they understood this?

    No 10 year old could grasp that realisation. If they could, they might think twice about their actions and spend more time and thought on planning their horrible act in order to at least try and get away with it. This was careless and stupid and childish.
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    This is my favorite quote from the article..

    I think it totally sums up my feelings. So many times we try to find an underlying reason as to why someone would do something so horrific. It's a natural response when dealing with something so awful, but I think it's ok to be outraged and want to see the criminals punished. Not every crime has an acceptable reason for happening. A lot of times it's nothing more than a matter of opportunity.
    That being said, do I feel that the boys deserve a longer sentence? I really do. It doesn't matter if the murder/mutilation was committed by two 10 year old boys, or two 30 year old men. A life was intentially taken in an unimaginable way. James is gone, for good. Why should it be ok for the two boys who took his life to ever know freedom again?

    Curious, you asked Ccup to put herself in the shoes of Venables or Thompsons mother. I'll answer as if I were the parent to one of those boys. I would never stop loving them, but my shame at what they did to another human being, an innocent child would outweigh that love and I'm not sure I would ever want them to be part of a "normal" society again. Sometimes as a parent we have to realize that a punishment is justified by the crime committed. In this case, life in prison would have been accepatable.
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    They obviously understood enough for them to try and cover up their wrong-doing, if you ask me!
    They planned and did do a horrific thing to another human being, realizing the consequences they'd have to pay once exposed or not.
    They knew what they were going to do and what they did do... Bad enough to keep it to themselves.
    They knew what they did was bad enough to try and "cover" the torture and murder they committed by making it look like James was killed by a train and not with their bare hands.
    And that, my friend, says it all for me right there.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments.
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    This pretty much sums up my feelings on this. They deliberately took a life and should thus be punished appropriately. I agree, why should it be ok for these two boys to ever know freedom again after what they did?
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    The Bulger case is no different to Edlington, Doncaster case: Boys tortured, abused victims because 'they were bored' - Europe, World News -

    Upbringing is sometimes half the problem, other times the person is just sick and twisted in their own way; but if someone goes out with the intention of hurting someone, whether it be child, teenager or adult, then the person or people should be punished.

    The simple fact is that the boys in the Bulger case knew right from wrong and i believe they never should have been let out; Venables served his time in prison for the Bulger case and now he's back inside, it may have been for breaking his terms of release but it shows that rehabilitation doesn't always work.

    Another argument which has come bout is whether we should raise the criminal age from 10 to 12.

    Raising crimial age 'ruled out' | News

    Like the article says, it didn't pass; and i would sign a petition to keep the law as it is.
  9. storm_ina_C_cup

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    I read about that story... Broke my heart as did James Bulger's case.

    Thank goodness it didn't change; and like you, I would have signed a petition to keep it as is.
  10. Pugz

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    I think the Doncaster Boys received a shorter sentence than Venables and Thompson, which is disappointing. To me torture is the same as attempted murder - you're just prolonging the death.

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