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The 10 most offensive kinds of restaurant behaviour 0


Sultan of Swat
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The 10 most offensive kinds of restaurant behaviour | Eat | Life | Toronto Sun

Some of these are pretty bad, especially the diaper changing. I don't know about everyone else, but there's a little changing tables for babies in the washroom. It's there for a reason.

I can't stand out-of-control babies either. Some times it gets to the point where you just want to leave. My parents made sure that I was well behaved when I was in public.

I've always been a big tipper, so it kind of bothers me when people are cheap. Don't get me wrong, if the service is terrible then I totally understand, but if you're just being cheap then that's not right in my opinion.

That's just a few comments on the ones they listed.
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rainbow 11!
GOD! I always get fucking screwed with bill splitting. I hate that shit.

But yeah, public changers, no tipping, and the children annoy me too. I like to consider my group of friends to be the best table. We always joke with the waiter and leave good tips. At one point we were in Olive Garden until like 45 minutes after it closed because we kept talking. The waitress sat at our table most of the night, texting my friend DJ's boyfriend (pretending to be him lol) eating our left overs and making jokes. She was so awesome. She was asian and we were blatantly making fun of asians while she was at the table, but preoccupied with texting. And my friend did some kind of offensive hand gesture and she says without looking up from the phone, "girl, I saw that. I've got chink eyes and can see more in my peripheral."


Creeping On You
The only thing I can somewhat guilty of is the tipping thing. I probably don't tip as much as a waiter would like. This comes down to my friends always going to places that cost a lot. I try to order the cheapest thing on the menu so I have something left for a tip, but its still not usually as much as I'd like to leave. I'm not cheap, I'm just poor :lol:


Sally Twit
I never like to split the bill. I don't see the problem in paying for what you've eaten.

I have never seen anyone change a nappy in public. Surely that should be illegal in a restaurant?

Not sure why blowing your nose is on there. I'd rather someone blow their nose than sniff constantly.


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I have never heard/seen diaper changing at a restaurant. I am pretty sure that is some sort of health code violation...


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
1. Rude customers annoy me but waiters on the end of it prolly get more tips after from those who overhear out of sympathy.

2. Cellphone users don't bother me.

3. Nose blowers - yeah.

4. Sending everything back. Well it doesn't bother me, if food needs to be fixed, then it should. I'd be polite about it though coz you never know what they'll give you back.

5. Complaining about food after it's eaten. LOL!

6. Altering food to the point of absurdity. Again, I don't mind this. You want your food with the sauce on the side instead of on it, and maybe split into two, why not? :p

7. out of control children. Unless there's a playground in the restaurants, parents should ensure their kids stay seated. One time I was seated next to a table where the toddler couldn't stop crying. My ears hurt. And I have kids! I know how it is that you cannot control them if they're in pain and want to cry, but at the very least you should take them out of the room (walk outside or something until the kid is more calm).

8. Not tipping. It's a non issue here as our food has service charge included. We don't have a tipping culture.

9. Why would they choose to change diapers on the floor instead of the family restroom? Weird.

10. Uneven bill-splitting. I've been a victim of this. I prefer paying for my own food than split it equally, especially for large groups because it's never a fair split.


Babeasaurus Sex
5. Complaining about food after it's eaten.
8. Not tipping.

These two are by far the worst for me.

The only time I will not tip is when the service has been bad or unsatisfactory.

If the food was that bad then why did you eat it? Grrrr.


Registered Member
Rude customers....but they get to me anywhere, in any situation. Hell, just rude people!

Tbh Using your phone somewhere like a restaurant for anything other than a quick, necessary call comes under 'rude' for me...

Nose blowing doesn't bother me unless maybe it's someone with a full-on cold and it's all gross and....well, let's not get into it. I'd go to the bathroom for that.

I agree with ysabel; if you're not happy with something, go for it.
Same with altering food. You're paying, make sure you get what you want!!

Complaining after eating food - yeah, that's just trying to get a free meal.

Out of control kids annoy me anywhere, anytime. I don't need some little bugger running into my chair and screaming in my ear when I'm trying to enjoy a nice lunch with friends I hardly see..

....And so the money.
Bill splitting should always be what you've paid for, unless you've all had roughly the same amount, at roughly the same price, and everyone agrees.

Tipping: I don't, really, unless I receive outstanding customer service. I kind of set my expectations really high for customer service, so it takes a lot to go what I call above and beyond. Also, like Danny, I don't have the cash to flash! :)


I am the woolrus
Again i have NEVER seen anyone change a baby IN the restaurant. If that happens regularly enough to make the list, well..... i think i've just lost my faith in humanity :p

As for tipping, i'm a very good tipper but sometimes i don't tip is the waiter/waitress is crap. Even if the food isn't great though, for good service i always tip very well. Looking at the list of all the stuff they have to go through, if they still manage to be friendly and attentive, they deserve it!!

One that i've seen before that probably falls under 'rude customers' and really annoys me, is when a waiter is dealing with someone else, and some other ignorant customer starts calling for them, expecting them to abandon their current customers and come bounding over to serve them! it doesn't get much more ignorant than that.... well, apart from cleaning your baby's arse in a restaurant of course!

i still just can't believe.... does that actually happen!?


Registered Member
Ah, the restaurant! I worked for a couple of years as a waitress, between working in administration for years and finally getting to university. The job is much more fun and more rewarding than administration (and I worked for a cancer ward!) but it's so much more stressful. Something about the atmosphere of a busy restaurant on a Saturday night makes things very tough, and when the customers then add to your woes it can get grim.
For me, the out of control children is a biggie. On Sundays we got a lot of families through, and I'm not sure why, but a hefty percentage of parents felt that they had rented out the whole of the restaurant for their children to run around in , as well as their collective 'stuff' that they enjoyed placing on neighbouring tables ("um, excuse me but this table is booked for 4 people in ten minutes, it isn't your storage, sorry").
Beyond that, the only other thing that really got to me was the not tipping thing. I wouldn't expect to be tipped if someone didn't enjoy the service I gave, as I wouldn't tip a rude waitress myself, but when they have clearly had a great evening, had long chats (btw, chatting for a long time to the waitress is SO stressful, you have to balance being kind to the customer with combating the death-glare from your coworkers that have had to take over your other tables) and are well off, well, you expect a tip. Sorry.

My old coworker and good friend writes a blog about the ups and downs of being a waiter, and it's not only well regarded but makes a very funny read (the stories actually happen!). Have a look if you're interested in rude customers and other kitchen dramas - Well Done Fillet

Sorry, that turned into a rather long post.