That's it!! I'm leaving, GeneralForum!!


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...but only for a week. (details) :p

What I want to know in this topic regards those threads that always seem to pop up in almost every single forum/social network on the web:

"Y do all u assshols hat me so much?? Screw u guyz im goin forver!!!!!!"

How do they make you feel? How do you react to them? Compassion? Aggression? What about those 50% that make these threads, and then come back in two days to make another one? What do you suppose drives someone to do something like this?


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I don't give them any thought what so ever because most of the time the people who do that, A) come back like you mentioned and B) are just wanting more attention.


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I honestly don't read those and could care less what their reason is. Most of the time the OP either comes back or never leaves, so I find them pointless and pay them no attention.


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Some have a case, some don't. As for quitting and returning, people get angry and cool off later. It's not really an Internet phenomenon, just human nature. *shrug*

Best of luck with your training/testing.

Btw, your use of double exclamation marks was a dead giveaway that this thread was going to be something other than a sincere declaration of membership suicide. This is just the editor in me sharing an observation.


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The username is what surprised me about the thread. As soon as I read the title I was like, "oh boy . . wait, oh it's Pretzel WAIT why is he leaving? Ah okay, good."


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I dont usually give them a second thought.
I'll look at the thread to see why the user would be leaving and if I have an opinion on it then I'll post it. If I dont then I will just ignore it till it goes away.
If a user makes a thread like that then leaves and comes back after a few days I don't really think anything about it except "Well that was a waste of time"