That was odd


The Hierophant
I just burped and it tasted like peaches. I haven't had anything even remotely peach flavored in well over a year. Where the HELL did that flavoring of gastrointestinal wind come from?!

Also in weird news, last night I had a dream about Hybrix, by proxy. He never actually made it into my dream, but for some reason the PT Cruiser that I, for some reason, think he drives made it into my dream. Then I actively tried thinking of what he looked like in my dream, and all I could think of was forehead ad space. And after a short look around for keys in said PT Cruiser, I found a small fanny pack style bag on the passenger seat. In the bag was a pipe fully loaded with some marijuana! For shame Hybrix.

I did the courteous thing and I didn't drag off of the pipe. That's just mean. And I didn't want to get a cold sore from sharing a pipe with Brixy.