That was nice!

All I usually do is bitch and moan about my boss, but…not today!

We had my birthday lunch at work this afternoon (it was delayed almost a week because I erased it from the bosses calendar in the hopes of it not being mentioned, no luck, someone blabbed) I really do hate these things; sitting around, stuffing our faces, and generally not doing much more than wanting it to end.

His usual present is a gift card to a restaurant, so it really was no big deal to me if I were to miss out. Well, he shocked the shit out of me when he told me he was buying me the back two tires that my car so badly needs. I’ve been pretty worried wondering how I was going to save up the money for them before one decided to deflate, blow up, send me spinning into the retaining wall and spilling my car into a less than graceful flip into oncoming traffic. (Yep, I’ve been obsessing over this.)

I actually feel a little bad (not really but it sounds good) because he keeps apologizing over forgetting my birthday, and I wonder if that was the reason for the more than generous gift?:shifteyes:

Either way, not a bad day so far!