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that warm and fuzzy feeling : )


what? no pink?
when I logged in today this is what I was greeted with:

Hello Bunny_roses, it appears that you have not posted on AuctionForum.com in several weeks.

We want to invite you to browse through the many forums here and bring yourself up to date! Feel free to catch up with other members and find out what you have been missing while you were away!

If you have any questions, or if you are having any trouble with your account please head over to the support forum and let us know how we can help make your experience here better.

*wipes away a tear* You care! You really really care *sniff*


actually I come onto the site several times a day, I just don't post much. I just found it comical to see that message today hehe

thanks for caring Ya'll :cool: :D


Secret Agent
Staff member

Glad to her you are doing well. :) Glad my message gave you warm fuzzies. :D

There are some fun things coming up here soon so be sure to check back often.

So, what have you been up to? Hope you are having a good summer!


Well-Known Member
Holy cow! It's summer already? I hadn't get a chance to enjoy it yet because I'm working about 12 hours a day (except weekends) Sadly, I have been wearing long sleeve even though the weather is in the high 70's but the facility is air conditioned so it get's chilly for me.


what? no pink?

well my summer hasn't officially started yet until Saturday. Friday is my last day of work. My daughter's last day of school was last friday. So we are both off until Aug 21st. woohooo! So far we don't have any real big plans. Maybe the ocean a time or two, oh and I think we are headed to Cali the first part of August. That should be fun : )

Anyway. Just to let you know I check in several times a day.....It's like I open the door quietly so nobody hears me and then I look around and tip toe back out. :lol:


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Bunny, you gotta stamp your feet a few times instead of tiptoeing in and out. We want to hear from you. I get tired of talking to myself (I'm beginning to answer myself now so that's kinda scary).

Maybe if I stay away long enough I could get a nice email too ....

What kind of fun stuff is coming up, Andrew?????