That present you never recieved!


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Christmas is coming up and Im sure many children (& adults) have already written their wish lists and posted them to Santa.

Were there any years in your childhood where maybe, you might have been a bit naughty or your letter may have been lost and Santa failed to deliver what you wished for:cry:

Now we are older and can reflect back on it these items and were probably a little stupid to ask for and quite honestly fortunate we were not on the receiving end of our desired gifts, or maybe now your older you can fulfil your dream where Santa failed you all those years ago and buy that Mr Frostie.

For me, I always wanted and never got a Raleigh Vektar. Im kind of glad looking back. Vektars were the future and now we are in it Im not so sure they envisaged it to correctly.

Behold the future of the 80's

So where did Santa fail you for the better? (maybe he fulfilled your crazy demands!)

BTW: I got a Raleigh Burner instead (a normal bmx bike) it rocked!:D


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Once upon a time i asked for a pink Barbie toy typewriter (i think it was a Barbie one)...and now that i think about it i dont really know why a child of about 7 or 8 would want a toy type writer type thing....i mean what would i write with it? the letter to santa for the year coming?


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I'm not so sure I never got what I wanted. Mostly because I never really wanted anything in particular. That was (and still is) something that frustrates my family members and/or someone who is gift shopping for me. I am and have always been a very content person. There really havent been to many things I've begged for, so gift shopping for me can be a real chore.

Thinking back there was one thing that I did want as a child but never got due to my family just not having the money for it at the time. I've been looking online now for it and to be honest am having trouble finding it (or at least the one I remember) Things have changed drastically compared to the good old days of Lego Building, what I wanted as a kid was one of the original Pirate Ships. They were somewhere around 120 bucks at the time and my parents just couldnt fathom spending that much on a single toy. The one I wanted sorta resembled this but I remember it being a lot bigger (which may be warped from a childhood memory)


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Icegoat: Is this what you are looking for "The Black Seas Barracuda" ebay:D .

Those were the days when LEGO was LEGO, you had about a dozen shapes and had to make the rest with imagination.

I wanted this one.

I remember being bought an individual knight on a horse but my folks would never buy me the full sets, I had to make do with the assorted bucket sets of random pieces instead.
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There are and were always things I wanted. But it was rare I felt the need to beg or make sure that they got it. And when it was special enough it would be a book. lol The only other things I ever really wanted was an iPod (got it two years ago) and this year, a keyboard. Which they better get. :mad:

Other than that I've never been too disappointed. I usually get disappointed if I run out of gifts, so lots of little things appeal to me more than bigger things. But because of this my parents feel the need to reward me a little more than my brother and sister, the greedy bastards that they are. lol

So I might not get more during Christmas, but they don't mind buying someone occasionally through out the year. Maybe a game, 99% of the time books. Which they totally support me with, they love that I love to read.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper and this post is longer than what I've written for the paper in like 4 hours. lol
I remember we use to write a Christmas wishlist to Santa at school... I'd ask for really girly things like barbies and stuff. I'm glad my parents never fulfilled those requests that I wrote at school... I think they knew that I was only copying my friends!