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that popular bidding website


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I had never used it, never wanted to, and now I know why!!

Due to a high priced watch I wanted my husband directed me toward looking on this bidding website. An item that suited my taste was there although it was still beyond my price range. I passed up the "buy it now" option and it had no bids so it closed. Just a day later it came back up for sale. "Wow", I thought, no competition so I put in a bid for the lower price. Five hours before it were to close, a 2nd bidder came in, drove up the price, I stuck with it to about $100 over the "buy it now" price, but ultimately lost.

Yes, they put in a max bid, and yes they set it up to do automated bidding. So now the item is gone, and I'm back to square one. Of course, I'll look for it to come back up for sale either by the new seller or original seller. I have a teensy weensy sneaky suspicion it'll be at a higher price than the first "buy it now". Argh!!!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yep, either use a sniper for the bids (some program that bids for you at the last minute if it is anywhere within the max you're willing to pay for the item) or compare all buy it now options and do it that way. Sometimes the same seller would release several bids of items coz he has several of those items.


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The whole thing looks like scam. They should separate dealers from private. In the end I bid and won a "used" identical watch (see my bday thread) that had some wear and tear. Given that we are unemployed I think it's a good compromise. I love it. Didn't even have to size it. I think that is a sign. :)