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    hello. i am going to be talking about one thing thanksgiving. I know that it is far away from now,but still.

    we act like we celebrate the fact that the native americans 'shared' their land, but face it, WE ARE REALLY CELEBRATING WHEN WE MASSACRED THEIR PEOPLE AND STOLE THEIR LAND!!! I believe that thanksgiving is really just a thrwaway random holiday to make america look nice...

    heck, i'm even an american(well not really. technically we're all immigrants)!!!And i hate thanksgiving

    I pledge allegiance
    to the flag
    of the corporate staes of america
    and to the republicans
    for which they stand
    one nation
    in debt
    with liberty and justice
    for none

    Edit- With the way you are typing and talking this does not belong in mature discussion.-Piccolo

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    moved. next time read the rules and maybe other threads in the md forum. cause this dont cut it
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    You do know that Native Americans are actually from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, so everyone here are immigrants, right? (People of every race had come to the Americas by the time it was 'discovered' by Columbus) :eek:

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