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Thanksgiving Break is here, but Christmas is Coming!


New Member
Ok, so I'm away from home most of the year going to college and all, so I'm really excited about getting to go home for thanksgiving break. I get to go home a little early because I got a coworker to cover my last shift. But, anyways, I was really thinking that Christmas is coming up fast and wondering what to get my family members, so I decided to look on ebay, but am not sure what to look for. So, I need some suggestions. What do you get a girl for Christmas that is about to turn 18 years old? Barbies are definitely out! :lol:


Registered Member
What are her favorites? Music, author, hobbies? I'd start with that. If she loves a particular music act, perhaps you could get her a concert poster or CD she doesn't have. If she has a particular author she can't put down, there are always books. If she's into ice skating, you could get her something about her favorite sports person. Does she scrapbook? There's tons of stuff on ebay for scrapbookers. Just think about what she likes and go from there. I'm sure you'll come up with something that will be a hit. ;)