Part One: Just so I do not have to say it everytime I do it rofl. I am seeing alot of people with low rep that I feel need more so I am going on a rep rage.

Part Two: I also need to ask everyone something. I just bought a crap load of cds. I was going to upload them all and put them in a huge thread in the media section but, first I need to know if people will download them. I got a few rock cds. A few rap. Country. All kinds of :censored:. Also Please if you need things the media section is the perfect place.

Part Three: Scooter is doing a great job so far IMO so take the time to thank him in this thread. If there is already a thread where this was brought up sorry. Also I love this new theme on this forum. No i am not sucking up because some people here should know me a little better then that.

Part Four: I would I would also like to thank each and everyone of our Super Mods and Mods For keeping this forum clean and running good. Also to our every day members thank for respecting our rules, those who do not well ok never mind you wont be reading this anyways.

Part Five: If you think this is weird that I am doing this all of a sudden just ask VC in mean MJ he'll let you know I got my fire for FC back. Okay I am done chatting.

Thank you everyone,

Foot note/Edit:
Edit to part three
Also thanks to
Sorry I have no clue what happened I leave and everything changes for the better. Teach me to leave rofl


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Damn man, I thought this was going to be a suicide note the first reading through

Yeah, I'm not in a cynical mood today . . .



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Hey man I am glad that you have your Fire back, I miss the old Omega, I thought I lost him for good, I guess I was wrong, welcome back, and don't change again lol.