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Thanks a lot


Registered Member
Give your thanks to something in here.
Especially for things that seem, or genuinely are, unappreciated. Things that are widely taken for granted, or barely heard of by most folks.

For instance:
I'd like to extend my general appreciation to the 'burger van people'. You flog your snap in freezing weathers, often in the shittest places imaginable. you are surrounded by grease and obese lorry drivers. Most of you that I've met seem to serve with a smile, maybe the money's good, but I can't imagine it being millions. So, here's a great big thanks to you. Your doing everybody proud.

*big nod of approval for the burger van people*



Registered Member
I thank God you haven't been around these days.
What can I say?
I guess I should be thanking the thing that made that possible too.
It wasn't God though.

-- It was the absence of boredom.

Yet, I've returned, it'll probably be brief, yet I just couldn't stand to be away from you a second longer. I'm so happy that you replied to me.

*A big thumbs up to Ellydicious, the gracious brilliance of this person cannot be surpassed* --

-- Actually, it's so I get my money's worth for the internet I use. I'd like to extend my thanks, and annoyance, at the people who made this the case.

They connected me, which is nice, but they are also fleecing bastards. Limited to a month no matter how much or little I use :S ... They are lovely gitbags.


Registered Member
I would like to thank you HalfEatenSurprise....for the attempt to start a new thread topic to carry on a new conversation.
Sometimes tho....people prefer talking drivel over intelligence~