Thank you for the invitation, curtousy of Jordan!


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I'm new here, but want to say hello to everyone. I enjoy discussing topics and getting to know different people and there opinions. I hope to stick around and join the fun.


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Welcome to the board!

Seeing as I can rearrange some of the letters in your name to spell my own, you've got my award for cool so far.

Don't fuck it up ;)

Enjoy yourself, post often and smart!


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Welcome Ermcool. Glad that you decided to join us at Fusion Central. If you enjoy great discussions then you've found the perfect place. We have amazing members who love to discuss many different topics. So don't be shy and just jump right in. See ya around.
Welcome! Enjoy urself here! As Merc said, speak logically and smartly in MD (Mature Discussion). Any of the other general doesn't have to be, but is advised.