Thank you FC for giving me the power to kick ass.

So there's an issue going on at my old highschool, about starting up an extracurricular group for TM (Transcendental Meditation), and most everyone is ok with it except for just a few really bitchy people.

Well there's this yahoo group for the parents of people at the highschool, which they'd sort of started a weak debate on the issue... it was mostly the bitchy people ranting. Well, fuck the fact I'm not a parent... I strode into battle, flaming broadsword in hand, and kicked some fucking ass. Totally shut them down with my Fusion honed debate skills.

Thank you FC, never could have done it without you.


Certified Shitlord
I congratulate you on your victory Senator, but a victory over confused parents is hardly anything legendary :D


For a Free Scotland
I should get you over to my town to deal with the old people that stop the city from making a pool/cell phone tower/cineplex due to "all that noise in the daytime".



Their debates probably go somewhere along these lines:

"Go to bed."


"I told you so. End of discussion."

Now since they actually have to think and argue, they probably couldn't stand the heat. Of course, your debate skills probably did matter.


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U told parents off...that deserves some praise Mr.B that is does^^; But I think any child, if their good enough, can tell the average parent off in a debate really. For one Parents don't even know the whole story half of the time to be even talking ><; This is y I hate my town....most of the population is old ppl!*cries*