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Games Th7 - Th8 Drag Attack Strategy


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A guide for drag attacks against Th7 and Th8.

There are 3 standard army comps to use:

10 drags & 1 drag in cc
10 drags & balloons in cc (or 8-9 drags & 4-8 balloons)
10 drags & hogs in cc (or 9 drags and 4 hogs)

Standard spells:

3 lightning
1 heal & 2 rage

When you attack with drags you always want to get your drags to the AD's as quick as possible, with minimum of obstacles, that why it's a good idea to funnel your drags towards the AD's.
As th8 it is usually best to use rage/heal and as the7 it is usually best to use lightning, but it depends on the base. I will show some examples below.

White: dragon
Black: Barbarian King

When funneling you want to create a path to the air defense.
On this base I clear sides with bk and a drag. To get a better funnel I clear a bit more of the sides with 2 more dragons, and now there is a direct path to the middle where all the air defense is close together. Heal and rage when close to the center and the AD is gone. On this base I would go extra drag in cc since balloons might go for the sides and not the center.

White: Drag
Black: BK
Red: Balloons

On this base I can clear a path with BK and a drag on the right side and a drag on left side. When that is gone there will be a good path towards the center where the ad's are pretty close together. When they hit the first AD they will go out to the mortars and storages but with a rage spell on each side they will go down quickly and they will go to the AD's. This base is perfect for Balloons in cc because the defense is not spread out but in the center with the AD's it's a perfect for balloon funneling.

Blue: x3 Lightning spell
White: dragon
Black: BK

With this Th7 it's easy to create a perfect path towards the AD after right side is cleared by a drag and left side with BK (the dragon on left side is not needed). With one AD destroyed with lightning and a perfect funnel towards the second AD this should be a easy 3 star.

Barbarian king as distraction:

As I showed earlier you can use your BK to funnel but you can also use it as a distraction for when you hog or loon an AD, here is a example:

White: Dragon
Black: BK
Red: Balloons

Here I put my BK down close to the ad because there was a big chance a tesla tower would be in front of the AD. I used BK as distraction to be sure my balloons would survive to take down AD, my BK took all the shots from the archer tower and the tesla, without BK as distraction my loons would probably not be able to get all the way to the AD and take it down. (I used 9 drags and 4 loons + 5 loons in cc to make sure to get it)

What to do about enemy cc troops?

You can use enemy cc troops to your advantage, I will show you an example below.

White: Drag
Black: BK
Red: Balloon

In this attack the enemy cc actually helped me out, when I made the funnel and deploy the rest of my dragons some of them was out on the side, going for storages etc, but when cc troops are deployed drags first priority is the cc troops, they will leave whatever they are destroying and go directly for cc troops instead, my drags will get sucked directly towards the middle, and when I have cleared the cc troops my drags are exactly where I want them, in the middle very close to both AD's.

lightning cc troops:

You can also kill the cc troops with lightning spells, this is mostly used against Th7's since most Th8 uses rage/spell and it is very hard to master. Remember it is more important to get the AD than to get the troops! Why not to use this strategy? It is very hard to master, you have one less dragon, you can use cc troops to funnel, often there are a dragon in Th7's cc and 3x lighting does almost no damage on dragons, and sometimes it goes wrong and AD isn't completely destroyed because the focus on getting the cc troops are too big. With that being said here is an example on how to do it:

Black: Giants
White: Archer or Barbarians

Army comp: 9 dragons, 2 giants, 10 archers or barbarians.
Start out by putting 2 giants down to lure cc troops, when both giants are dead put down 5-10 archers/barbarians, when cc troops are on the way to your archers/barbarians and get close to the AD use the 3 lightning spells on the AD to take down the AD and the cc troops.
The point of this strategy is to lure cc with giants and find a way to get the cc troops close to the ad using your archers/barbarians.

- Sir Bech
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