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  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Did anyone use to watch TGIF on ABC in the early 90's? If so what was your favorite show from that line up?

    My favorite show had to be Full House or Boy Meets World, both were great and entertaining.

    I know I use to do, when I was in schoo I always looked forward to Friday Nights because of the great line up they had on ABC for TGIF.

    Here's the line up for you guys.

    YouTube - Early 90's T.G.I.F.

  2. Barbara

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    I also used to love Family Matters. Remember the days when whenever you did something wrong you looked up with a sheepish grin and said "Did I do that?" It was a staple at the Mangrum family household.
  3. Jaszibabes

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    I used to look forward to Friday nights because of TGIF. We used to always have popcorn, chocolate, and soda for snack that night. And.. since I was little.. I was excited because I got to stay up late. Haha.

    My favorite show was Boy Meets World, and Step by Step was a close second. :)

    (I'm pretty sure Bob Saget played the dad in Full House, though, and that certainly didn't look like him. Haha. Who the hell is John Posey?)
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  4. browneyes106

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    John Posey was originally cast as Danny and pilot was shoot with him the role. Right before full production began on the show they recasted the Danny part with Bob Saget.

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