Texas truant students to be tracked by GPS anklets

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  1. Vegito728

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    Texas truant students to be tracked by GPS anklets - Yahoo! News

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  2. ysabel

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    Who here has never skipped a class ever....nor made a bs excuse just to be absent from school?


    Wow, they're actually serious.

    I guess this type of project does more harm in linking truancy with criminal activity. You're basially treating the kids (who skip class) like serioius criminals and their school as their prison.

    So if a child skips class, he is breaking the law and then what? Put the child in jail? But then he'll miss more class in doing that, won't he? How does that help in ensuring they get education?

    I agree about the privacy issue. This is too much. And the district taking on the responsibility of tracking children's activities just because the parents couldn't... :hmm:
  3. Blueyes

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    You know we could probably use that down here. Last year we actually made national news because more than half of the students did not show up for their first day of classes last year. This year, they got cops going out to their houses after getting a list of names of kids that did not show up.
  4. Duke1985

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    If this came around when I was in school I probably would have dropped out, hands down.
    This is going to generate nothing but resentment for education.
    I see this as a massive invasion of privacy and all around just the wrong way to go about keeping kids in school.

    Seriously, I'd keep an eye on the drop out rate in this district, something tells me its going to shoot up.
  5. micfranklin

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    Nothing good comes of forcing people to do anything and trying to treat students as convicts is way beyond the proper way to educate people.

    Once again another "brilliant" use of taxpayer money:rolleyes:
  6. Merc

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    Instead of trying to "incarcerate" students in their own schools, they should be putting money into the study and solutions as to why these kids are skipping in the first place.
  7. micfranklin

    micfranklin Eviscerator

    Or we could just let them run off on their own, it's clear they don't wanna be in school in the first place so why waste your time forcing them to stay?
  8. Nightsurfer

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    Now this has to be the dumbest idea I have ever seen in a while. There has to be something better than doing that to kids. hell i can disable a GPS with tin foil or a strip of led cut to size to fit the anklet.

    What a waste of tax payer money.

    Hell back when I was in school they had truancy officers that rode around looking for kids who ditched school, hell they would even come to your door to see if you were realy sick or just faking it.

    There is no need for the GPS tracking of students who don't want to be there.
  9. micfranklin

    micfranklin Eviscerator

    Why not take the kids to jail or juvenile hall for a day and give them a little insight on what might happen to them. At least that way they won't be forced into school.
  10. SuiGeneris

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    Just remember: big brother is watching.

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