Texas Requires Anti-Cancer Vaccine for Girls


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What I hate the most about that article is the parenting groups that think it's going to give kids the idea they can have sex and interfere with their child raising.

I think any vaccine that protects against anything leading to cancer is a good thing, isn't that a universal feeling?


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I remember an original outcry by the social conservatives because they thought this would make sex less feared and thus more people would have it. This is a godsend to a lot of people, and it's going to save thousands of lives a year. I applaud Perry for taking the iniative in a state notrious for its stupid laws (sexy cheerleading bill, anyone?).


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Yeah, late last year my sister had cervical cancer. This is a really good idea. I'm glad someone finally did this.


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Im happy that they have something that is preventative for young girls to stop them from having a future and terrifying disease. I know my kid will have it and at the same time I will tell her it will prevent Cancer not that is means she can go out and have sex! Besides if all the conservative parents see it that way and continue to enstill in their kids good morals. Chances are their kids ideals of sex wont be changed.

Either they will or they won't but giving them a vaccine to save them from cancer won't change that. Besides there are a hell of a lot more diseases out there that can control who people sleep with...



I think this is a horrible idea. For one I'm not sexually active so why should I have to take it? And two the thought of being forced to take a new and virtually untested vaccine scares me.


I do think this vaccine is a break through.
However i think making it a mandatory vaccine is taking it a bit to far.
I mean its available people know it is.This is something that should be decided between the patient,Doctor,and parent if the patient is a minor.
Personally I don't think any vaccine should be mandatory.
I don't argue that they do good work and do help to maintain the health of the population,but I think most people would get the vaccines voluntarily without force by government.And those that don't choose to take the risk.


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The reason why it has to be a law, is to force people to have their daughters immunized when the parent would not be likely to do so. There are many strains of HPV. The vaccine is only effective against two of them. The vaccine cannot be used on women, who would be the ideal target patient but only on very young girls who are not likely to be at the most risk.

It is not known whether a vaccination on young girls will maintain its effectiveness on women!

Governor Perry, the man who proposed the law owns a great deal of stock in Merck, who makes the vaccine. He stands to make a huge amount of money off the sale of this vaccine. He won't make money if the vaccine is not widely used so therefore it is vital that parents start having young daughters vaccinated. If parents will not willingly vaccinate children, they must be made to do so by law.

Now does it make sense?


Maybe next this crooked republican will buy stock with a company that makes birth control and then issue an executive order that all school age girls receive birth control.

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I'd be pissed if I lived in Texas, the government has no right to make you put something in your body.