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Texas Giant Reopens with New Safety Measures


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The park also added a test chair out in front of the ride's entrance. The chair allows patrons to see if they can fit in the chair with the restraint bar in its proper position. Once the bar is in proper place, a buzzer goes off saying they're good to ride the Texas Giant. A rider must also be four fee tall.
They should do this for all roller coasters and other rides, that way, park patrons will know whether they'll fit in the roller coaster car or not. Ergo, people will have less fears of falling out of their seats.

Two months after fatal fall, Texas Giant ride re-opens with new safety measures - U.S. News


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I think its sad they had to wait until someone died to do this but at least they are doing it now. I bet there are many people that wouldn't fit in some rides.


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I have always hated that ride. I thought it was the most uncomfortable roller coaster I have ever been on. It rattled me around so much that I had bruises all over the next day. Awful ride.