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Texas Cheerleaders Terrorize School



It's pretty sad the principal (and mom) couldn't control her own child. She's in a position of power, but allowed her daughter to overrule her. What about the vice principal(s)? *shakes head* Those girls need a reality check.


Registered Member
it's a shame they brought their coaches personal life into it...if they only hurt themselves who cares, its bringing in others against their will thats wrong


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Oh this story was on Inside Edition so basically I already know about it >>;

It seem that they brought the movie Mean Girls to life. If I was one of their teachers I would oh been hit them square in a head with a nice thick textbook or an apple paperweight^^;


A Darker Knight
I remember this on te news a while ago. So it's the principal's daughter's special treatment.

The "Fab Five"? at least come up with a better name...


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In December, the principal resigned as part of a settlement in which she received $75,000 and a letter of recommendation for her next job. The former principal's attorney says she denies shielding her daughter from punishment.

What message was sent by allowing this little bitch's mother to resign and still be given this kind of severance? She should have been bounced out on her ass for allowing this kind of behavior.



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I wonder why and how they let the thing get this far though, where was her father in all of this I mean if the mom as the principal wouldn't do anything bring in the brute force of the dad >>; I mean she couldn't control both of her parents could she?