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C'mon now, tetris is a classic. I play it now and then. i've been really bored lately so post up your high scores on tetris! i need some motivation to play it.

...and i wanna beat your high score haha



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We have a Tetris game here in the arcade (you'll be able to access it at premium level, meaning 500 posts). I'm not really good at it. My highscore isn't even 25k. The one who has the highest score right now is DaStevez with 1,853,000. I saw his video in the last minutes he was playing this game and he just committed suicide in the end because he got bored. It seems like he can go on forever, haha.


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I don't play the Tetris games onlines, I've still got the console one running around.

I have no idea what my highscore is, but I am pretty sure it ain't high. :p


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I haven't played Tetris since I had the original Gameboy.

I don't really enjoy playing Tetris so there's little to no chance of me ever playing it again.

The only thing I did like about the original game was the cool music, those tunes are classics in their own right.
LISTEN and watch this:

YouTube - Powerglove - Tetris

Powerglove rocks the Tetris theme and their version seems more of a Tetris boss battle then anything. If that doesn't encourage you to play some Tetris, then I don't know what will.

Any-a-do, to contradict myself I find Tetris boring and little reward involved in making it to the next level or even finishing it. I need instant gratification and some kind of storyline to keep me interested.

Highscore: 2k or less? :eek: