Tetris is 25 Years Old Today


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Tetris came out 25 years ago today. Google has even updated their homepage accordingly:

Too bad once the L comes down they will lose like 4 rows. :lol:

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Happy birthday tetris! or is it anniversary...

Probably the most simple game I could still waste hours playing.
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That's pretty awesome, Tetris is definitely one of the majorly important classics, it's still fun even 25 years later (though now it's in color :hah:)

I've only played the original version of Tetris once, it's way different than the one in the arcade here but it's still fun, I prefer the one we have here at GF.


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Google looks cool written like that. They should keep it that way.


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It is a good game, I think just about everyone would have played it in there life at some point. I remember when I got my first gameboy when I was little I use to play it, then when I got my first phone I used to play it on there as well, such a classic.


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Tetris: a history

Some tetris history. One of my friends claims that before Tetris came out there was already a similar game called block game or something. :shifteyes: Whatever that was, it didn't really gain popularity I suppose, haha.