Tetanus Shots Don't Hurt At All


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All these years I've been hearing that tetanus shots hurt a ton. Well I got one on Tuesday and two days later I'm still waiting for the pain to kick in. I've taken no pain medications during this time period either. In fact, the needle itself didn't even hurt one bit. I watched it go in and I felt nothing. It was odd because I was expecting it to be more painful.

I lifted hard the day of and ran about 3 miles yesterday and so far the only pain I can feel seems to be the normal pain I get from working out. My other arm feels exactly the same.

So I guess if I had any advice for those getting a tetanus shot it would simply be to work out hard the day of and get your blood flowing, especially around the area where the shot was given. I got several immunizations including multiple shots and I feel absolutely fine. I was told I should be sick to my stomach and that I wouldn't be able to lift my arm. I guess I got lucky? I've noticed none of that so far.
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Don't always believe what you hear Hybrix, probably most of the people you heard this from is people that don't like taking shots or are afraid of needles. I've never had a shot hurt me except when they had to freeze my gums in my mouth, now that hurts. It's ten times worse then getting in the arm.


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I never knew tetanus shots were supposed to hurt? I had one in January after my accident. I did not feel anything at the time it was given, as I was in too much shock, but I felt nauseous later that day maybe for a few hours at best. And my upper arm where they injected it hurt like hell (think they hit a muscle). But by 24 hours later I had forgotten even that I ever got it!


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Mine has never hurt either. The only shot I have ever had hurt was the pneumonia vaccine. I got it and went to bed, and I guess the lack of using it just caused the muscle to hate me. It was incredible pain, I did miss school for 2 days because of it and finally my doctor just said you have to force yourself to move the arm or it is going to continue to hurt. He was right for the first little while of forcing myself to move the arm I would cry and cry, but then it worked itself out and it was fine.

I guess it comes down to use it or lose it.


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I had one in August of last year and it was a little sore but nothing too terrible. I went in for a normal visit and he suggested I get one so I thought, hey why the hell not? I mean, it was a little sore but nothing I couldn't handle.


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lol nah they don't hurt at all jsut most people are sooks i think like me and can't handle needles like me lol


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Yeah, you don't feel the needle at all. I remember when I got my first tetanus shot. I didn't feel it at all and the nurse was like all done. I was like really cause I didn't feel the needle going in me.


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Anything that pierces the skin is going to hurt initially, but people tend to hype up the scare factor. "Oh noes, not the tetanus jab!!" Seems popular in schools lol.