Testament of the Arcane Lords, Monday, August 21st 2006

Discussion in 'Cards & Board Games' started by lavoidgaskins, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. lavoidgaskins

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    There really isn't much to say abou this card since it isn't allowed to be played. I just want every one ot know it's effect is the same as Victory Dragon. Some of you know what Victory Dragon is and others don't. Victory Dragon is the reason Drop Off and others cards like it got restricted and banned.

    1-5: All formats since you can't play it.

  2. Fauyd1

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    yea my friend Patrick Dicks that goes to my local shop, went to Worlds for the videogame (3 years in a row) and won a Meteo the Matchless it has the same effect and cant be played either. The cards with these effects are all good ( Its rather obvious since Victory Dragon dominated in Japan last format) But Victory is the only one ppl can play, and that combo has been wrecked permanently Im guessing. You cant really rate an unplayable card though. 3.8/5 if you could play it and dedicate a deck to it. 0/5 in the real world.
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