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Terrorost Truck Attack in NYC Kills 8


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Sultan of Swat
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I guess I've just sort of grown numb, which is really depressing. Each time something like this happens, it's awful.


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No guns were involved. Just a Home Depot rental truck driven into pedestrians. The man killed 8 people.

“All it took was a man and a truck to inflict the deadliest terror attack on New York City since 9/11.” —CNN

New York terror suspect linked to social media with ISIS-related material - CNN
This is the new face of terror these days: the lone actor. They will chip away at us one attack at a time. 8 people here, 6 people there, 23 people on another day. Eventually, we will stop being numb to it all. Eventually, it will start to have an effect on how we do things. That is what they want.


Embrace the Suck
Funny how one piece of shit who kills people in Las Vegas impugns all gun owners, but impugning all Muslims for something like this is racist.