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Terrifying experiments on animals


Free Spirit
Staff member
The federal government is behind the hideous and inhumane experimentation on livestock animals, according to a new report by the New York Times.

Terrifying experiments are conducted on animals so that you can eat cheap, tasty meat
They claim these experiments is to get animals to produce larger litters is to keep up with the growing population. This may be true but maybe they should look at teaching people to stop having so many kids. I think it is horrible to put animals through this trying to change nature. I think the USDA should have to follow the same rules as pharmaceutical or medical research companies do. Why they don't have to abide by the Animal Welfare Act I'll never know.

There is no need for people to have 6 kids or more. So instead of trying to change nature people should change. Even the Pope says just because birth control is against church teachings doesn't mean to breed like rabbits.



Better Call Saul
Staff member
All of this sounds quite horrible but I gotta admit...I don't really care.

It's all experimentation and if it helps with getting more food to more people I don't really have much of an issue with it. And hell, I love animals, but I love living more.


Registered Member
I honestly believe animal testing is beneficial to humans, even the animal species it's self in some cases. I read an article not long ago that said " In the United States alone we eat 9 billion chickens and 150 million cattle, pigs and sheep annually, yet we only use around 26 million animals for research, 95% of which are rodents."

So no, I do not have a problem with testing on animals.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't have a problem with testing on animals as long as they follow the Animal Welfare Act which it seems the USDA doesn't have to.

Another problem, what about all the extra methane these cows that have more than one offspring is going to produce.


Another thing where are we going to keep all these animals, in cages. As the population grows there will be less land to raise them on and their food, also less water to irrigate the crops needed to feed them. Aquifers are already getting low.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Look like the USDA secretary plans on doing something about this. Good for him, shouldn't be treating animals like this. Just hope he actually does something and isn't just paying lip service to appease people that are against how these animals are being treated.

USDA Secretary orders update of animal welfare research strategy


I didn't even finish reading the article. This is too sick. Selective breeding programs have already produced breeds that are well suited to agriculture. These types of experiments are completely unjustified and inhumane. But what do you expect when your government's department of agriculture is effectively owned and operated by Monsanto? Personally I'd like to see the people responsible for these atrocities placed in a neck vice and mounted by bulls until dead. If it's good enough for the animals, then we should apply precisely the same standards to them.

Meanwhile, I think I am going to boycott US meat products. I just can't feel confident they haven't been jacked full of hormones and such. If these researchers lack any semblance of ethics or conscience (as they clearly do) then how can I trust that they and/or those that support their efforts won't also be experimenting with public health in the interest of profit?

- Chameleon


Well-Known Member
I'd really like to move to a place where regulations and community responsible protections are in place. Proactively protecting the consumer not fattening up coffers.


For a long time animals have not been seen as living things by a lot of the human race. Sure, we dote over our dogs and cats as if they are human, but on the flip side the majority of the human race is still willing to turn a blind eye to what they know are some of the most inhumane practices in history just for a cheap feed.

But what can we do about it? The entire food industry is built on willful ignorance, the only reason these companies get away with things like this is because we let them. It's easier just to turn the other way and then go out to the supermarket and buy all you need.

Despite the fact that these animals have brains, can feel pain, fear, and panic just like us, they are seen as nothing more than things, or products.

I know I'm vegetarian but that hardly means anything these days, so many animals are abused in just as horrible ways in the dairy industry so I can't really talk when it comes to this. So don't think I'm on any high horse in this thread. A lot of my food has gone through just as horrific practices. In this day and age it's very hard to eat food that is 100% issue free.

Isn't it ironic that the whole world flips out when one lion is killed, then the go home happily to their fridge full of tortured and dead animals. In the animal world it's all about how you look.