Terrible Smell or Taste Mixtures


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So who has ever had two tastes or smells combine to be the worst thing ever? One time, my mom was baking a cake or something. She was cooking something really good smelling anyhow, but I can't remember what. And then we went to let the dog back in, but upon opening the door, we realized that she'd been messing with a skunk again. So we quickly shooed her back out, and closed the door. But the aroma was already in the air, and skunk smell is bad enough, but then you mix it with the smell of baking goods, and somehow it was just making me want to puke! As far as horrible tastes go, Any alcohol and seafood. Normally I love seafood, but if I'm drinking, keep the sea food way. Fish just tastes bloody wierd with the rum after taste still in my mouth.

So what about you guys? Whats your worst taste and smell combos?


lol. i love the smell when my mom cooks at home but when she's ready to go out and she puts the perfume on, the mixture of perfume and cooked meal is just yucky. i can't eat.

or the taste of orange juice after i brush my teeth, is just crappy.


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I feel you on the fish and alchy combo. The worst smell I can remember was burning human flesh. Its not a combo, but its by far the most disgusting thing I've ever smelled. A close second would be a dead hamster, coffee, and bacon. I couldn't even throw the hamster away because my apartmentmate was away and he wanted to bury it so I had to leave it there. I would have put it in the freezer but I had good food in there that I could not in good faith eat after it had been chilled with a rotting rodent, so I plastic-wrapped the cage to keep the smell in.