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Terrible car accident on July 28th


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This is a video taken from a surveillance camera in a tunnel in Croatia on July 28th, 2006.

Click the spoiler button below to activate the link. It is shown from about 75 feet away, but it is still graphic in the sense that you can see for sure that people were killed and not everyone will want to watch it. You have been warned. It is a good reminder though that driving can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

4 people were killed and several others are in critical condition. Whoever was driving that big semi/construction truck that hits the cars obviously was not paying attention to the road in front of him at all. He was also speeding way over the speed limit.

Just makes you pause and think for a bit.



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That is sad. It was like watching a bowling ball hitting the pins. Sometimes I am afraid of who is driving behind me because I always think I am going to get rear ended when I'm at an intersection. It happened to my brother. He was on his way home and the driver behind him fell asleep and hit him. No serious injuries thank goodness.


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yea that is awful and Dragon I have the same fear. I am always looking behind me to make sure someone is paying attention. when I know that I have to make a left hand turn I slow way down long before just to make sure that they are paying attention. I see so many people come to a screetching halt because they are just off in la la land.

I have never had an accident when I was driving, but have been in close calls. Also have been in accidents in other cars when I was not the one driving. So it has given me that awareness for when I am driving :cool: