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If you saw The Dark Knight you probably saw the teaser for the new Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation) movie.

Terminator Salvation (2009)

Christian Bale plays John Connor in the future that was originally predicted to his mother BY him in the past. (Still with me? I'm sure if you've seen the others you know what I mean).

Premise is that since he went back and warned people of the future, the future has actually turned out differently...

And that's all we know from the trailer.

Anybody else think this movie will be awesome?

Too bad Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor of California right now. He's 100% confirmed to not be in this movie except for maybe a brief cameo. The terminator Role has been recast.

This won't be too bad though. They want to make this a 3 movie trilogy that will stand on it's own. Since it's a totally new saga (in a sense) I don't mind recasting as long as they stick with this current cast for the next 3 movies.


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I love the Terminator series and it has little to do with Arnold so I don't care if he's going to be in the new trilogy or not.


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Loves it. The only problem is, now every time someone learns my name, they're going to make a Terminator referance again. This got tiring when Terminator 3 came out.

So, do we know if this is going to be a trilogy of trilogies? I think I heard somewhere that it might be.


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I dunno, I'm still not convinced he is as good as people think he is. Him as John Conner? Eh...We'll have to see. I never was a fan of the Batman series so maybe I'm sort of biased on that part.


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You're probably not that biased. I'm a big fan of TDK and I'm on the fence about this one too. Not that interested to begin with either and probably not something I'll be too interested to see in theaters.


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I don't know about this one. The TV show sucked and I didn't like the last movie, it seems like they are beating a dead horse. Hope they don't screw it up.

The cryptic previews remind me of the first hulk trailers, and boy did that movie suck BIG TIME. Not the new Hulk but the other one.

I guess I will have to wait and see.


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I'm really excited to see this movie, I believe Christian Bale will do an awesome job as John Connor, now hopefully they pick a good actor to portray the Terminator, I would love to see The Rock as the Terminator. I think he could pull this off. I rather have Arnold in it, because were use to seeing him as the the Terminator, but it will be something different with a new cast in there. Should be interesting to say the least.


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Luckily, Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor of California right now. He's 100% confirmed to not be in this movie except for maybe a brief cameo, unfortunately, but they are still rumors, so don't worry, it may not happen. The terminator Role has been recast.
Fixt. :D

Without Arnold in it, I might actually enjoy watching it.