Tenjou Tenge


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Nagi Souichirou and Bob Makihara arrive at Juudou high seeking a brawl, and face little challenge until they meet up with Natsume Maya, who proceeds to hand them both their asses in a matter of seconds. The force of the blow sends Souichiro out the window, falling on top of a naked and showering Aya (Maya's younger sister), who -- since he saw her naked -- proclaims herself as his wife. (Or was it fiancee. It's been a while since I watched that part.)

Impressed with the level of challenge, they join Maya's school to start training in an effort to get stronger, which brings them under the scrutiny of the Enforcers. Naturally, trouble follows.


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I have heard of this anime but I heard the drawings and animation were well-done. However, I read that it lacked much plot...and the characters were underdeveloped so it never sparked my interest.


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Ooh I have heard of this anime before. Hmm...I thought it was fiancee though from the summary I read about it on one of it's official sites. I did have 3 wallpapers of it but I think I deleted them awhile back. I going to watch it though if it's on Youtube because the artwork was good.