Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love


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Deep inside Galaxy Police headquarters, an incredibly powerful and evil being known as Kain lives, imprisoned by a joint effort through the GP and the House of Jurai. One day, Kain escapes, destroying the entire GP headquarters (that’s a really big deal, okay?). Vowing revenge against the bloodline that helped imprison him, Kain heads for Earth. The target: Masaki Tenchi’s mother, twenty-six years in the past.

When Tenchi shows some old home movies to the rest of the gang, his mom mysteriously vanishes from the picture, and Tenchi starts fading from existence. Washu manages to save him from a fate worse than death, but informs the gang that her power can’t last very long and that Tenchi's time is running out. Tenchi and the gang have to use Washu’s Space-Time Converter to go back to the past and prevent Kain from doing something horrible to Tenchi’s mom and ending Tenchi’s existence. Problem: Kain possesses more power than the entire cast combined. Surprises, plot-twists, and nail-biting excitement are in store along the way!


Not much of a fan of Tenchi but I would say out of the three movies I like this one the best...maybe because we get to see more about lady Achika and his dad...it was nice.