Temporary remedy for cigarette smoker

There had been so many deaths that occur because of smoking. Still cigarette smoking is on the rise. I doubt it will lessen. there's a truth attached with cigarette that says cigarettes weakens you, you tend to lose strength once you smoke even once. the reason is cigarettes reduces vitamin C content. what if you take vitamin C tablets regularly? It certainly gets your strength back for at least few hours till you smoke another one.
Why Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health | HealthMad

I would like the panel to answer if they think temporary remedies really work. Do smokers should take solace from the fact that vitamins can compensate in the short term?
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Well really at the end of the day, it's the smokers' choice whether they want to take the vitamins or not. I doubt they help too much, though.
if you are a sportsperson and you smoke too, then you can certainly take vitamin C tablets before you play. It helps. It helps you to stay active during the course of the play.

well Wes, how many smokers you know take vitamin C tablets.

It seems there are no smokers left here.
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