Tempers Flare As Knicks Almost Lose Another Guard To Bowen


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Knicks guard Steve Francis was hurt after landing on Spurs forward Bruce Bowen's foot while making a jumper early in the game against the Spurs in New York on Monday, and the tension was still evident as the two sides met in a rematch in San Antonio on Saturday.

Bowen and Knicks coach Isiah Thomas each got a technical in the first quarter when Thomas yelled something toward Bowen after Knicks guard Jamal Crawford shot a jumper and nearly came down on Bowen's foot.

"I didn't really see where he was. I knew he was somewhere underneath me," Crawford said. "I didn't know exactly where. I was focused on getting the ball up."

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich also entered the fray with a back-and-forth with Thomas, but wasn't called for a technical. He didn't talk directly about the incident after the game, although Thomas did.

"I thought Jamal went up to take the shot and as he was coming down, Bruce's foot was under him," Thomas said. "And if he were to come down on his foot, he could have broken his ankle or sprained his ankle and he would have been out, just like Francis."

Bowen said the incident was unfortunate.

"It's unfortunate that injuries happen in this game. But it's about what we learn as kids as far as the enjoyment of playing this game," Bowen said.

Tim Duncan came to Bowen's defense.

"There's nothing that Bruce did. Bruce didn't do anything. Bruce defends people, and people get frustrated," he said


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Bruce Bowen is a great defensive player. My take on this is that the Knicks just get all the bad breaks. I feel for Francis, but we'll see. Hopefully the Knicks can turn this bad luck around soon.


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It's not the first player he does it to, I hate Bowen I think he's a very dirty player, everytime someone takes a jump shot in is face he'll put is foot underneath him to injure him. He did it to Vince Carter a couple times, and injured him once while he was playing with the Raptors. If I was Thomas I would be mad as well, because he could of lost another good player because of this fool.