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Tell me something embarassing about yourself?


New Member
I once rented "bust a nutt in grandma's butt" from my local videostore, I forgot to return it on time. They rang the registerd phone number wich was my mums as i didnt have my phone at that point in time. She took it upon herself to tell the rest of the family.

oh and I use to rollerblade



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Okay thats just sick if its what it sounds like...but my most embarrassing moment was when i was having sex and my grandma walked in and freaked out and froze in shock and didnt move....yeah never saw that girl again lol


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There was this one gang bang that people found out about...

Then there was my *pants falling down in school* moment...

Then there was the "we have to use a condom" moment that involved a crappy condom and me not being able to go for more than 10 minutes because I couldn't feel shit and I was pissed off.


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the most embarassing moment for myself is when i shit in my pants when i was on the way to school... i was then only 14 years old!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My embarrasing moment doesn't include sex. People walk in on me having sex...they probably should have knocked first. Don't expect me to stop xD

No my embarrasing moment was when I tried to push a girl I knew out in front of school. It was a bad idea because it was December and I lived in NY. I slid on some ice and busted my ass. Fell face first on the ground.

I left school and went home and chilled with a bunch of friends and laughed about it later XD Good times...


rainbow 11!
Alright, when I went ice skating on my birthday I went for a very long time without falling. FINALLY I fell just as my friends were approaching me, so seeing me fall, they started to applaud me. The bastards. <.<

Then once I was making hot wings and we were cooking them on the stove. We had just finished it and I slid the pot over to another burner to cool. But some grease got on the burner that we were using and it caught on fire. o.o

Once in World History we were chilling in class after a test. And somehow the conversation turned and my friend said, "Kayleigh is never doing nothing she is always doing someone." I went red in the face. She said that right in front of the intern, who was laughing her ass off. >.<


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Getting dacked in front of this girl I really like..oh wait. That was yesterday.


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the most embarrassing thing ever happen to me and actually it happened , it happens now ,and it'll happen:D..
when I loved my cute roommate after she broke up with her boyfriend , i was little shy to tell her that . i just gave her some hint..i asked her out but her excuse was always ''studying'' . one day i said to her '' i love a girl but i don't know how to tell her that''
she said: do i know that girl very well ?
I said hesitantly: yes.
she said: i'm sorry to tell you that girl doesn't feel the same way towards you !!

waaaw i was so embarrassed and shocked at the same time.

how embarrassing that was ... i always see her , she lives next to me at the same house !!
hopefully we'll get over it especially after she got a new boyfriend :)