TV Television Shows: Getting better or worse?


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Alright, I believe the 80's and 90's had the best television sitcoms, that's my personal opinion. Now my question to you guys is this, do you think the current television shows are getting better or worse? If you choose worse do you believe (I know it's hard to determine) the shows will get better within the next few years? Or it will keep going downwards?


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Worse because they've cancelled all the good shows or changed the characters. I don't watch much TV anymore because it's so crap. I have everything on DVD that I love.


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It terms of sitcoms, yes I do think it's getting worse. But, in terms of television shows in general, it's getting better.

The selection in sitcoms keep getting less and less, and there aren't that many good ones IMO to choose from. However, the action/drama shows seem to be getting better. More of them to choose from, and more fantastic story lines.

Overall, I would say better.
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Obviously we're going to feel that shows are getting worse, television changes with the times. I think there's a lot of great TV these days to be honest.
Worse. There aren't alot of original concepts out there just generic shows with different characters, atmosphere etc. That's why so many shows are canceled or rarely reach the two season mark.


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Sitcoms are up and down. Currently there aren't any sitcoms that I'd consider to be GREAT (that I've seen), but I was watching King of Queens up until it ended last year. My favorite types of sitcoms are those like Seinfeld. I'm sure it can be topped in time but it will take just the right show to even have a chance at being half as successful as Seinfeld.

As for TV dramas, those have gotten infinitely better. Some of the TV dramas nowadays have movie size budgets with huge production studios. They are getting better and better if you ask me.


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tv has gotten worse....there is too much focus on reality tv which is not technically reality due to editing techniques used to manipulate things and create storylines. in addition to that, youtube has killed those trying to get work in the industry because companies are hiring cheap unexperienced people who are nothing more than idiots with cheap cameras showing their dumb antics online while those of us with experience sit jobless.

we need more real tv like sitcoms and dramas and less mindless tv.


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Like I just said, TV changes with the demand. People want reality shows, it's just how it is. The media responds to the desires of the masses. Blame each other, not the TV execs.
Lately? Worse. Losing shows like The Sopranos, The Shield, The O.C., AD and gaining the crap they're putting on now, it is slightly slumping. If there wasn't Lost, Rescue Me and CBS' Monday night line-up, I'd quit TV.
sitcoms are definately getting worse and i cant see them getting better anytime soon. Also kids tv is so much worse than the good old days back in the 80's. What happened to chip and dale? duck tails? thundercats? now its hannah montana and all that rubbish.