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Telemarketer saves woman 900 miles away


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Las Vegas telemarketing company’s quick thinking helped save a woman’s life from just over 900 miles away, KLAS-TV reported on Thursday.

Telemarketer saves Oregon woman 900 miles away from gun-toting attacker
Wow, I never thought a telemarketer would be the hero. She heard this woman being beaten so they called police. Its a wonder the man didn't kill her.

Really not clear if the telemarketer was talking to this woman or the call was butt answered. Maybe she was talking to her and she stuck the phone in her pocket to answer the door.

I don't like getting calls from them and probably wouldn't have answered the call.:shake: Or hung up after I figured out I was talking to a telemarketer. I guess I would be dead.:cry:



I'm serious
This was a massive coincidence and hardly reason to think twice to keeping telemarketers online. It was just the right time, complete coincidence. It's amazing that the telemarketer took such prompt action. I wonder if they are all trained enough to handle such situations.

This doesn't change my mind on the fact that telemarketers are a nuisance.