Teeth Whitening That Works


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I see teeth whitener ads all the time but they all look Photoshopped if you ask me. I don't need to whiten my teeth but I'm curious if any of these actually work or if they are all scams?

Does anybody here have any experience with teeth whitener products?


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I use whitening toothpaste that doesn't really work too well. My mom had a lot of success with the Crest White Strips.
I use Crest Whitestrips Classics and I can say that they work. I used them 90% on my top teeth to see if it really made a difference instead of getting that placebo-like mind effect. I do notice a shade or two of whitening only after about 6 uses. I haven't gone through the whole box yet, so the testing is still in progress.

It's also enamel safe (or so it says) which is another reason I like using them. haha


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hmm, I'm going to try Crest white strips. I wonder if they sell them here. :lol:

The regular whitening toothpaste I bought, nah...i don't think it's effective. But still, I use it. Who knows it can be one of those "works after 100 brushes!".

Someone told me to try rubbing strawberry on your teeth. Never tried it though.


I don't use anything to whiten my teeth. Luckily they are white by nature.
I just use a toothpaste where whitening is included.