Teens indicted after girl hangs herself.

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    For those who have read any of my past posts, the fact that I’m all for this should come as no surprise. I am completely of the mind that anyone who bullies another human being to the point of suicide should be held accountable.
    I know there are those who will reply and say, “if a person kills themselves, they were unstable to begin with, so why should the bullies be punished?” I know this, because those are some of the replies that were posted in a somewhat similar thread.
    I think it’s about time that a firm stance is being taken.

    Phoebe Prince Death: Nine Teens Charged with Cyberbullying Massachusetts Girl to Suicide - ABC News

  2. PretzelCorps

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    Gee, I wonder what made that person unstable in the first place... Couldn't have been the bullying, no...

    It's murder.
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    Facebook need to get their ass in gear and install a report button for shit like this; maybe then this might have been prevented.

    Since becoming Admin on another site i've dealt with one bullying case through Facebook and currently keeping an eye on another.

    Anyway, it's a shame it happened to the girl and it seems to be because she was dating one of the schools football players; those mean girls were just jealous.
  4. Iris

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    Jesus fucking Christ.

    I agree with you completely, D. That is horrible.
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    I could not agree more. As a society we NEED to get back to holding people accountable for their actions.
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    I think this is a very important aspect of this case:

    Prince hanged herself in her home, days after accepting an invitation to a winter school dance and only months after emigrating to the small western Massachusetts town from Ireland.

    I'm sure we all remember high school. Unless you were one of the priveleged few, it was absolutely miserable. People mock and insult you constantly, peer pressure is overwhelming and everyone from your teachers down to students were constantly judging you. On top of all that, you're going through those lovely bodily changes that make you moody and unpredictable. Now, that's typical American teenage life but this girl came from an entirely different culture, one that is not as nearly as ruthless when it comes to mockery and information exchange. I am in no way fighting for these people to not be held responsible, but I do not see this as a step in a good direction. People like the idea of "cyber-bullying" because it makes it sound different than regular bullying. It isn't. The only difference is the method of harassment.

    On top of this, you have the very nature of the internet itself. Just look at Facebook for starters. It's full of hatred, teen angst, and all sorts of disorganized anxiety. Dig deeper and you find yourself in the darker corners like 4chan, Reddit, and other sites that actively rip apart people. It's none of these sites' faults it's just how the internet has worked. There is no emotion involved and there hasn't been for awhile. Yes, you do have to question the stability of someone who takes it all so serious to the point that they hurt themselves. It doesn't excuse the bullies (the internet has zero blame in this case), but it does show that we are in an age where parents must not only prepare their children for the physical world, but the digital one as well. People are complete ass rockets wherever you go here. Hell, if half the people on this forum weren't as cool as they are, we would have had a few suicides by now.

    Bullying happens everywhere, all the time. "Cyber-bullying" is just a buzz word that is taking attention away from bullying in general. All stories like this will do is get parents riled up about social networking sites because that's what parent organization do best: place blame where it doesn't belong. These are the kinds of people that blame the gun which is not only illogical but completely useless and ineffective at combating the problem. The core of the problem is a universal one that has been going on for centuries: children a heartless dick wrenches.

    It's not ground-breaking nor does it shed new light on anything. Kids need to be more aware of what they say and how they act. Also, parents need to be more involved as tactfully as possible in their kids' lives this way they know what is going on. At the same time, since no sane parent will obviously know everything about their kids especially something that gets to them that badly, kids need to be taught to be much more self-confident and respectful of themselves. In this case, not only one child's life was destroyed, but several. None of these kids will ever lead a decent life now that they are criminals and that's why I don't see this as a good direction. Kids are vicious little jerks to each other all the time, this story has happened a thousand times but this time it resulted in a suicide. Does it mean charges should be pressed? I'm torn. I don't think so because I think counseling and therapy as to what they did and how to move on and learn is more important than jailing them or parading them in front of the media. It quenches our thirst for justice when a vulnerable teenage girl is a victim of such a terrible happening. However we have to think of everyone, not just her.

    Yet, they choose to insult her, embarrass her and belittle her. They most likely knew full well that she was being hurt. I'd bet a lot of money that they never hoped she would end up dead as a result but when you just look at this case, it's clear that therapy for the accused is a more effective method of preventing these sorts of things from happening.
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    Phoebe Prince did not talk to a single soul about the people bullying her. She had parents and counselors at school who are required by law to help her. At any time she could have walked into the office and asked for help. Why she didn't I do not know, but my guess is her pride would not let her. It has stayed me and many as well. But if she can't handle stress like that, her pride should have taken back seat.

    Yes, bullies should be punished, but treating them as criminals is stupid. No one forced Phoebe Prince to do anything. No one can force anyone to do anything. Phoebe died of her own hands.

    I believe that the bullies responsible should get a firm slap on the wrist. Bullies everywhere deserve a slap on the wrist for this. This should be a message that what bullies do hurts people permanently. I know that I myself would be a very different person if I where not bullied.

    And for this I say again:

    Only you can stop bullying. if you are bullied, you can do one of two things: Ignore it (by far the best way), or you can seek help. People are miserable jackasses, they are stupid, and should be ignored. And if you survive highschool, you are set for life.
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    There were two sound bytes I heard on my local radio station that made me go cold in my lifetime:

    1. A 15 year-old girl that was awarded $15,000 from the government, because she was arrested for being absolutely smashed in public and the cops handcuffed her to the bars because her wild flailing tantrum was hurting herself. She didn't even remember what happened, but somehow she was able to sue the police department for improper detainment, or something. They actually put her on the radio to give some ridiculous speech: "So like, they shouldn't arrest kids, cuz like, everyone does it, and like, I'm not taking this money because I got it, but like, because it sends a message everywhere, that like, cops can't arrest kids, cuz like, we're just having fun, and like..."
    2. Another 15 year-old girl that was being held for street racing and killing a taxi driver in a brutal drivers' side accident. When they asked her how she felt about killing an innocent bystander, she said entirely without remorse: "I don't care. Can I go now?"

    Never before has walked the Earth such a ridiculously detached, sociopathic generation of flat-out bastards. And the best solution we can seem to come up with is 'just ignore it'? Really?

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