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Movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am referring to the bad guys as such who have the guns not the turtles themselves. A main plot of the first and indeed the second film as I am quite sure you know was that the Foot Clan were meant to be martial art's experts and that was why the turtles were able to defeat them, throw guns into the mix and for me it looses part of what made those first two films special..
I agree. No guns.

I will ignore the hipster reference as I am still uncertain as to what the term even means or what is has to do with anything. But I will say I think that us old critics have the right to state that we do not think certain portions of it are correct just as much we are told by others to deal with it. We old ones are the ones who supported and therefore in a way funded that project by watching it and remaining loyal to the franchise
I agree we have a right to say whatever we want too since we helped paved the way for this but at the same time we can't expect it to be the same either. Stuff evolves and junk.


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As i said in an earlier post I am hoping that the guys seen with the guns in the clip are the criminal element that is described in the voice over, and not the foot clan.

I agree that the older generation will maybe not like the new direction of the franchise, but after almost 30 years it had to evolve to include a newer younger audience.
I am just waiting to see a clip with actual hand to hand combat as I think this will be the real test for this film, if the choreography does not hold up, then it will really damage the film for me.

I guess we will need to wait and see.