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Teen unhappy with 56 stars tattooed on her face


I heard she fell asleep while it was being done o_O
How the heck can you fall asleep while getting tattoos on your face? I call crock of bull on this girl.

When I saw the video of this I thought it looked good. She sort of reminded me of a fairy in a way. I understand it'll be harder getting a job -- though later in life it'll get harder looking for the "good" ones.

I think what really happen is that her dad found out and in order to keep the peace with good ol' dad she lied and said she wanted 3 and not 56. :eek:


Registered Member
I also call BS on that girl. Her boyfriend and daddy didn't like it so she started crying "But it was supposed to be THREE."

The poor tattoo artist. If I were him I'd have punched her in the 56 stars afterward. To hell with that. She's stupid for falling asleep in a tattoo parlor anyway. Why (or rather how) would you do that? It's stupid.


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How the hell do you not realise you're getting more than 3 tattoos on you face...Wouldn't you start questioning why it was getting so far onto your face? Yeah I call BS as well.


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That tattoo artist is boned whether she is lying or not.

If he pays 10,000 Euros, he admits he made a mistake and people stop buying tattoos from him. If he pays 5,000 Euros, he might shut up the press fast enough to save his reputation; but he's out 5,000 Euros. If he fights it, he gets tons upon tons of bad press, and once he's exonerated, it's too late, because no one wants to risk giving him their business.

What a stupid world.


Creeping On You
Well, at least the tattoo artist is being nice about it. Whether he made a mistake or not, he's willing to pay for half the removal. I think the girl was stupid for falling asleep in the first place. I don't think I'd be able to fall asleep while having a needle shoved over and over again into my face. Something says that the girl must be lying or something.


Son of Liberty
Theres no way she's telling the truth.... I mean even if it was an Artist F-up... how the hell do you get 56 stars from 3? You dont... I could see if maybe she got a few extra... but 53 more stars than what you asked for? nuh uh.. I dont see it happening like that.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think the tattoo artist shouldn't pay, if indeed the girl was lying.

The girl also said she blames language barrier because she asked in French. I call BS on that too. Had she asked for 3 tattoos really, even if she didn't speak, all she needed was to raise 3 fingers and universally everyone would understand how much it is. I think she freaked out the last minute and blamed the artist.